Start here: a TCK manifesto

I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve been asked the question. I change my answer every time. ‘Where are you from?’ just won’t define me. There are too many places I belong. I’m tired of being asked to choose. It’s impossible to pick a favourite. Right now I’m here, here is where I’m from. So here is where we’ll start.

My story is linked to Spain, right now to Sevilla. I may not have a drop of Spanish blood, but the culture has seeped in through my skin, making me feel right at home.

You’re more than welcome to join me, I’ll teach you what I’ve learnt:

Life is a journey shared through stories.

van and view

It is lived one day at a time, as we travel, stumble, crawl or leap our way through it, always discovering a little something at every turn.

backpacker in woods

We smile because after all this time, and all these places, we’re still surprised by the small things.

unlikely flower

There are a thousand possible destinations, a million paths to take.

passenger on plane looking out window

One step is all it takes to begin the journey. But sometimes staying put is the right decision.

just one step

Wherever we are, we live with a sense of wonder! We embrace the lessons each day brings!

hand on map

Exchanging stories with those we meet, we step out of our comfort zone to share our own, and find ourselves in good company. Because…

sunset and friends

Everything else may change and our hearts may wander between places, but a few things ring true at every stop:

I am a local. I am a foreigner.

I am familiar. I am a stranger.

I belong everywhere. I belong nowhere.

I am home. Home is also far away.

I am an outsider. I am one of the gang.

I stand out. I also fit right in.

My passport is from one country. I live in another.

I have friends all over the world. Someone is always too far away.

I have tales of distant places. I’m always learning local traditions.

I speak several languages. I am bound to mix them together.

I am the one who always travelled abroad for the holidays. Those who welcomed me always thought I was coming “home”.

Many cities have adopted me. I have adopted several cultures.

I’m often most comfortable in the in-between. Whenever I’m somewhere I’m missing somewhere else.

Can you relate?

There are more of us than you may realise. Together we finally feel we’re where we belong.

So, stick around. Listen to some stories, perhaps even share your own. Because when people just ‘get it’ without having to ask a bunch of questions, you can relax and be yourself.

Life is a journey. Here’s to the next stop!

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