This week in Spain: new weekly section

This week in Spain is a weekly space to gather news and updates from around the country. From serious news stories to funny anecdotes, I’ll be selecting a few events each Sunday that have been highlighted in Spain over the past seven days or have influenced popular Spanish culture. The number may vary from week to week and will not necessarily appear in order of importance.


portada de la feria de sevilla 2019

This week Seville has celebrated its annual Feria de Sevilla. The fair, which is celebrated two weeks after Holy Week, usually falls in April and is therefore known as Feria de Abril. However, due to a late Easter this year, the April fair took place entirely in May. As always, everyone flocked to the fairground to celebrate and have fun. From midday onwards, the sound of hooves on the tarmac could be heard throughout the streets as carriages brimming with people headed to the Real. It’s the only time of year when they’re not reserved exclusively for tourists! The swish of colourful dresses brushing by, sevillanas flowing from the casetas and the jugs of rebujito making the rounds are all part of the joyful party atmosphere of Feria. The city centre was empty, everyone was heading to and from Los Remedios, where the fair is held. However, unlike many seem to think, people still work during most of the week or take days off from their holiday, as the only official bank holiday is the Wednesday.

Here is a great piece written in ABC de Sevilla: (in Spanish).


The town hall in Estepona opened a slide to bridge two streets in the city, only to close it on the same day, due to some people getting injured on the descent. The story has made for many MEMES and jokes. For more on this story:

In Spanish:

In English:


Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba, former leader of the Spanish Socialist Party (PSOE), died on Friday after suffering a stroke earlier in the week. Further reading on this matter below:

In Spanish:

In English:

Sicansíos: Game of Thrones gaffe widely commented on social media. The translation error has been largely ridiculed on the internet but has highlighted the pressures and precariousness of the dubbing industry in Spain.

In Spanish:

In English:


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