This week in Spain: better late than never

Whoops. I completely forgot yesterday was Sunday. Well, I forgot it’s the day I’m supposed to be posting a weekly post, but hey, does anyone really keep track of what day it is on holiday?

You step out of your routine for a moment and time distorts itself. Days are longer, you have time to lounge, you spend a lot of time doing very little, catching up on sleep and reading and resting…

Still, a lot has happened in a week. So far I’ve enjoyed a concert in the Real Alcazar gardens (another local way to enjoy a tourist-y monument), a 24h trip to Portugal in which we experienced four seasons in a day and a rather soggy Ruas Floridas, an afternoon watching boating on the river and some much needed laughter and conversations around the dinner table. Not to mention ice cream, swimming and other summer activities. Pretty good stuff.

I love how time stretches when you’re on holiday, and yet it also seems to fly by. Suddenly a week has passed (a full week!) and you wonder where it went.

Gone. Just like that.

Time’s funny like that. It slips out of our control. We can’t make it last longer and we can’t fast forward to skip the bits we don’t like. We are stuck in a permanent now and we must learn to make the most of it.

I know this week I’ll be making plans of how to best spend the rest of my holiday. What are you up to this summer?

Let me know what you think!

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