“Where are you from?” they asked.

“Seville” I replied.

“No, but where are you really from?”

Growing up cross-culturally, there is never an easy answer to this question. If you’ve ever found yourself at either end of this conversation, you probably know exactly what I’m talking about.

For most of my life I have been both local and foreign at the same time. I was a Third Culture Kid (TCK) who grew up between cultures. Born in the UK to British parents, I spent most of my childhood in a small Spanish town on the Spanish-Portuguese border. Now I live and work in Seville and for the time being, this is home.

Writing has always been the creative outlet I needed to put words to experience, to process feelings, to share knowledge. My hope is – whatever your background – you might find something here that resonates with you. Feel free to look around!

Why Spanish Berry?

Berries are a wonderful variety of red fruits whereas the Berrys are a lovely family from England. Since part of the family happens to live in Spain, we became known as The Spanish Berrys, and voilà! (Yes, there is even some French in there, too).