“Where are you from?” they asked.

“Seville” I replied.

“No, but where are you really from?”

This simple question is one I have struggled with all my life. Growing up cross-culturally, there is never an easy answer yet it is one of the first things a stranger wants to know. They can never quite place me and half the time I’m not sure where to place myself. I am from nowhere and everywhere. It’s a feeling TCK’s know well.

Home has shifted over the years and at the moment it has taken the shape of Seville. I have other homes in the shape of family, and friends who live all over the globe.

I have a particular love for a small town on the Spanish-Portuguese border, a place filled with childhood memories and mingling cultures. Spanglish rolls around the dinner table and I switch languages based on topics of conversation or who happens to be in the room.

When I went off to study journalism at university I never imagined I’d end up working in marketing but I have learnt to appreciate the beauty of ad copy. Writing of other sorts creeps into my free time and competes with a pile of books, a good TV series, some exploring of new places or return visits to favourite spots.

The Spanish Berry is my digital home for thoughts on travel, culture and writing. Do come in and share your own in the comments.

If you were wondering where such a name came from, it’s as simple as this. Berries are a wonderful variety of red fruits whereas the Berrys are a great family from England. Since part of the family happens to live in Spain, we became known as The Spanish Berrys. And voilà, the name stuck. (Yes, there is even some French family in there, too).

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