The Spanish Berry

“Where are you from?” they asked.

“Seville” I replied.

“No, but where are you really from?”

Every new acquaintance ever

Does this conversation sound familiar? This is where my story starts.

Home is not a place, it’s a story.

Most people think “Where are you from?” is a simple question, but I don’t have a one word answer to give. Introductions often lead to a story which winds up in present day Seville.

I am from England and Spain, from a rural town and a sunny city. I have a particular love for a picturesque spot on the Spanish-Portuguese border full of childhood memories and mingling cultures.

Now I live in Sevilla. This bright city in the south of Spain has almost every stereotype you can think of: flamenco, tapas, a bull ring and sunshine, but Spain is so much more than this, if you know where to look.

Sunshine and Inspiration for Travel Loving Creatives.

Over the years, I have met many people for whom home is a story. Nomads, wanderers, immigrants, TCKs. They were travellers and dreamers, with itchy feet and a thirst for adventure, a curious mind and a generous heart. People who belong everywhere and nowhere.

I love this mix of cultures. Listening to other languages, learning about a different country and seeing the world through another’s eyes. It can be so inspiring!

When we travel we get to see the world from another perspective. It opens up our mind to new ideas, beautiful places and inspiring moments.

And when we meet travellers, people whose experience expands beyond our own borders, we can learn and be inspired by the stories they tell.

Stories, Passion & Community

Three things bind these creatives together: they have something to say, a passion for what they do and strong connections with a like-minded community.

Writers, artists, photographers, musicians… We take our inspiration from the world and turn it into a masterpiece.

The good, the bad, the ugly, the crazy. It doesn’t matter, it’s still ours to tell.

I choose writing, others paint their ideas, some capture the moment on film.

Whatever your creative outlet, join the community and share your story with passion.

Once upon a time there was a girl from everywhere and nowhere.

That is me in a sentence. The beginning of my story and the next chapter of yours.

Would you like to join the story?

To do so you needn’t leave your sofa.

Whether you travel or create or do a mix of both, a splash of sun and a spot of inspiration are just a click away.

Ready to get started?

I would love to hear your story! Reach out and get in touch here.

P.S. What’s that part about ‘The Spanish Berry’?

If you were wondering where such a name came from, it’s as simple as this: Berries are a wonderful variety of red fruits whereas the Berry family are a great bunch from England. Since part of the family happens to live in Spain, we became known as The Spanish Berrys. And voilà, the name stuck. (Yes, there is even some French family in there, too).