The Spanish Berry

“Where are you from?” they asked.

“Seville” I replied.

“No, but where are you really from?”

Every new acquaintance ever

Does this conversation sound familiar? This is where my story starts.

Home is not a place, it’s a story

When life is a blend of cultures, languages, nations, and people home is not so much a place as it is a story. 

You are from everywhere, nowhere and all the places in between.  

It’s not always easy to fit all the pieces together, let alone explain it to someone else. Who would understand all your crazy adventures, right? 

Still, you would tell them all night long if someone cared to listen.  

Because you have a story to tell. And it’s a good one.

Once upon a time…

Most people think “Where are you from?” is a simple question, but for the longest time I hated it. 

It had less to do with the question itself and more to do with the identity crisis that seemed to unfold every time. If I’m not from one particular place, where do I belong?

Then I realised perhaps I was looking at it the wrong way. My changing answer held only part of a bigger picture. 

Home is not a place. Or, at the very least, it’s not just a place.

Now, introductions often lead to a story which winds up in present day Seville.

The story so far…

I am from England and Spain, from a rural town and a sunny city. I have a particular love for a picturesque spot on the Spanish-Portuguese border full of childhood memories and mingling cultures.

At the moment I live in Sevilla. This bright city in the south of Spain has almost every stereotype you can think of: flamenco, tapas, a bull ring and sunshine, but Spain is so much more than this, if you know where to look.

Maybe I’ll stay forever, maybe I’ll move on. Either way, this is where the present chapter of my story takes place.

…and where it gets told

The Spanish Berry blog was born out of a need to explore my own story. There wasn’t really a plan, it just happened. 

It has evolved and changed over time to become what you see today. 

For those who are wondering  how the name came about:

  • There is a wonderful variety of red fruits known as berries. 
  • More importantly, somewhere in England you’ll find a family by the name Berry.
  • Part of that family moved to Spain and became known as The Spanish Berrys. 
  • Since I was one of them, I claimed the title as my own. (I must say, no one really complained).
  • And voilà, the name stuck. (Yes, there is even some French family in there, too).

Simple, really.

Guess what, there is more than one story

Over the years, I have met many people for whom home is a story. 

Nomads, wanderers, immigrants, TCKs… They were travellers and dreamers, with itchy feet or a thirst for adventure, a curious mind and a generous heart. 

People who belong everywhere and nowhere. 

People like me. People with even crazier stories than mine. 

All unique and inspiring.

At some stage I stumbled on the definition of Third Culture and felt strangely at home

I wasn’t alone in this. Many before me and many after me were also puzzling out their place in the world.  

The label helped, but seemed to exclude other similar experiences. So I dug deeper and discovered wider terminology such as CCK. There were also common threads with bi/multicultural and bi/multiracial families or international adoptees.

Our stories varied enormously, but we had common ground. Somehow we could relate and there was a lot less explaining to do.

You have seen so much of the world, and your life is richer for it

You may find this site useful if you…

Grew up overseas

When asked ‘where are you from?’, you’re not sure if you should answer with your birthplace, your passport country, your parent’s nationality or the city where you currently live. 

Moved abroad

For work, for love or because you needed a change. Something urged you to leave the country of your youth in pursuit of a different life in a foreign land.  You now belong in two or more places.

Travel for fun

New languages and cultures inspire you. Landscapes, cities, food and folklore, anything you haven’t seen, visited or experienced before is exciting and worth exploring. Let’s go!

Or maybe none of the above, but you’re curious and want to learn more.

What will I find here?

Sunshine and inspiration for the globally minded

  1. Stories. Some mine, some shared with me.
  2. Passion. Things worth getting excited about.
  3. Community. Other people who get it.
  1. A window into life in Spain and Seville.
  2. What I’m reading, watching and listening to (and you might like too).
  3. Interviews with globally minded people.
  1. A nudge towards creativity.
  2. Some trips and travel adventures.
  3. Writing journey scribbles.

If anything on this list sounds interesting, stick around, say hi, and follow along.

Ready to get started?

I would love to hear your story! Reach out and get in touch here.