Knock knock, adventure awaits

There is a story hiding behind every door. Each threshold leads right into the middle of the narrative. Imagine what rooms lie within, what people find comfort at its sight, who wander in and out and beyond. Untold tales appear, a world of possibilities opens out as you gently push down on the handle.

Is it closed? Will it open? Is it brand new or battered and worn? Does it provide a splash of colour and light? Does it darken the entrance with its daunting presence?

A door holds a thousand possibilities, represents opportunities taken or missed on a particular occasion. It can hold dreams in its frame or secrets never told, well hidden away behind lock and key. There are happy tales and sad ones, lonely sagas and family legends.

Over the years I’ve collected a few. Captured through a lens, they hint at something more. Adventures experienced and others not yet lived, stories unwinding onto the page of life. Trips and travels, journeys through cobbled streets or down narrow alleys in towns full of charm.

These were gathered in a small village on a hilltop. A unique little place called Castellar de la Frontera in the province of Cadiz.

Each house, each building, telling a tale of its own. Each door inviting you to discover its story.

Adventure awaits, will you open the door?

Photos: ©SpanishBerry 2016

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