We could go anywhere

aeroplane blue sky cloudsWe could go anywhere. Step into the unknown. Wander along the path of discovery.

Take a calculated risk, leap into the arms of adventure and breathe in the scent of something new.

We could go anywhere.

The world is wide open, possibilities unending, leading far off or just around the corner.

We could go anywhere.

Stretch your wings and fly, rescue the dreams buried long ago on a treasure island. Revive the lost traveler from within. Say goodbye to the cautious tourist who dares not taste the thrill of the journey. Kiss farewell to the safety of a hotel room and the comfort of the spa.

Yes, we could go anywhere… and yet, we daren’t move a muscle.

Fear trumps ambitious dreams. But why, when we could go anywhere?

There are places you’ve not yet set foot in, cities whose beauty you’re yet to capture in memory.

Foreign lands await, hidden corners appear not far from your house. Yet you’ve never noticed until now.

Open your eyes. Change your perspective. Wherever you are become a local, even if for a few minutes. Imitate and learn as much as you can.

Know you’ll mess up and laugh right along with those around you.

Have the courage to move past your comfort zone, your prejudice, your superiority. Face life with a curious mind and a kind heart.

A smile speaks volumes, more than a thousand words could ever express. So handy when you can’t speak a language.

I suppose we could go anywhere. Yet we are here.

Travel, yes. But remember to be present.

We could go anywhere, anywhere at all.

The thing is knowing where to stop.

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