To be a woman

8M International Women’s Day 2018. Alameda de Hercules, Seville, Spain.

What is to be a woman? Don’t stereotype your reply. I ask not what a woman should be but what it would mean for her to simply be.

There are as many ways to be a woman as there are women on this planet.

I am tired of having to explain why today is necessary. Tired of having to justify every little thing we do. Tired of hearing objections before anyone’s even stopped to listen and tired of reactions that would suggest being a feminist is the worst thing anyone can declare themselves to be.

We should all be feminists. If that is not clear enough by now, today is the day to make it crystal.

The fight

As women take to the streets

I’ll also fight with my pen

and while I’m not against men

today my mind I will speak

because too many still can’t

and there are too many I meet

who still don’t see the problem

and choose to take a back seat.

Today, and tomorrow, too

loud and clear I’ll state our case:

we are half the human race

we belong as much as you!

Freedom. I write to defend

our freedom. Our rights. Don’t tell

me I can’t, because full well

you know I can. Don’t pretend

otherwise. I can. I will.

I am. Right now! And until

it is seen as more than a trend

I’ll say it, write it, shout it. Again.

We are not the first the rules to question

the culture, traditions, the pressure of perfection.

They fought for recognition

can we now just sit by?

They set quite the example

and in their footsteps we can fly.

Courageous women, so brave

silenced from birth to the grave

no more.

For once just choose to listen

this is more than just ‘a rant’

so stop telling us we can’t.

Equality remains our destination.

You may not see the problem

won’t you open up your eyes?

The subtle, invisible

oppression (unacceptable

yet present) says otherwise.

Some ‘little’ things we ignore,

learnt to default to a smile,

hear your sexist talk a while…

we really must speak up more!

Degraded to second place

you just see a pretty face,

somehow always inferior.

Anatomically different,

other than that I’m like you.

Just like you. Not made for you.

You know this, I’m confident.

Bu the way, I have the balls

I have what it takes to fight

injustice. I’ll be a light

to defend what’s right. She calls.

No longer quiet. Listen.

Nothing can hold back our tongues

now we’re filling up our lungs

with pride for all the humans

who’ll join our stand. Feminists.

Yes, that’s what fans this

movement. Women. All kinds.

She. Me. Us. Girls. All of them.

Together. Equal. And men.

Fill our minds with the knowledge we’re the same.

So right now you have to choose

will you be a force for change?

Let me know what you think!

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