Friday Favourites: February 2020

February is always a bit of a transition month, don’t you think?

In January we all create our long lists of things we want to achieve over the next year and by January 15th we’ve mostly given up or forgotten them.

Tired and frustrated, when February comes along, we’ve had enough time and perspective to discover how unrealistic that original list was. It’s time to re-evaluate because by now we have a clearer vision of what we want, what is feasible and what could be overly ambitious.

In February we reorganise our priorities, start planning and set some goals.

This month has been interesting for me for all the above reasons. It has been a season of analysis, learning and planning. I have realised the one thing I want to do more this year is write and so I’m taking steps to make it happen, starting here, on the blog.

As I’ve been searching for inspiration, I’ve come across some interesting resources, podcasts and articles, so I thought I’d share them with you.

Hoping you find some inspiration as you search for your next creative project or goal, here is my list of favourite finds from the last month:

  1. This interesting podcast by WeTransfer. Influence is a fun podcast exploring the good, the bad and the ugly of advertising. It covers topics such as iconinc campaigns, how advertising has changed over time and which ads and ideas have stuck with us, in short chats with industry experts.
  2. This book excerpt by Helen Lewis on the need for difficult women. An interesting piece on the need to fight ‘niceness’.
  3. This article about the perils of writing while female. An insightful article from Longreads which is particularly relevant as we approach International Women’s Day. ‘Whatever happened to___?’ is a very honest look into the difficulties of being a woman writer and some of the very real consequences that success brought for the author of the piece.
  4. These questions to ask at your next dinner party. Ever get tired of small talk? Try these questions to get the conversation flowing.
  5. This song, because I’ve had the line ‘saliĆ³ a la luz la paz’ on my brain all week. And you can never have enough peace in the middle of a busy schedule.

Do you have any interesting recomendations?

Let me know what you think!

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