Introducing: Spotlight

Calling your attention, making this noticeable, shining a bright light on and focussing public interest here!

Let me introduce you to Spotlight.

Photo by Jude Beck on Unsplash

What inspires you?

Take a moment to think about this question.

Have you ever seen amazing artwork and been prompted to create something of your own? Have you ever read a great personal story and wanted to take action in your own life? Have you ever heard about someone succeeding at their passion and wondered if you could do the same?

I know I have.

All these things get me thinking about creativity and spark a desire within to imagine, to invent, to create. A longing to put passion into action, to do something, to start.

I believe one of the keys to creativity is community. We need each other to spark ideas, to ignite the imagination, to encourage bold dreaming and prove this creative business stuff can be done.

We need a space where we can discover new artists, share our own work, express opinions, explore ideas, get feedback, be inspired or meet like-minded people.

Spotlight aims to create that space.

What is Spotlight?

Spotlight is a new section and monthly feature aiming to highlight travel loving creatives from around the globe.

I will be interviewing artists, photographers, musicians, writers, and other creative people about their work, along with their passion for travel and their multicultural or nomad lifestyles.

With a focus on international living and creativity, this is the place to discover new creators and businesses, to talk about our passions and projects, to start a conversation about living abroad and how our story and experiences have shaped the way we view the world.

Get ready to hear some fun anecdotes and learn about exciting new projects our featured creatives are working on.

Join me next week to hear from our first Spotlight creator!

See you on Friday! But in the meantime tell me, what inspires you?

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