Friday Favourites: March 2021

Ok. So time for another monthly roundup. This one really is a random mix of things.

Unlocking Us episode with Aiko Bethea

I learn something new with every episode, but this one was very interesting. The concept of action bias especially in a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion context was what stood out most to me, along with the role play between Brené and Aiko, and the decision tree options they played out, which heped me understand what they meant when they were talking about empathy and being a better listener.

I think I need to play this one a second time, because there is so much good stuff in here. Plus, I know I have more to learn and this episode showed me I have bigger gaps in my knowledge than I thought I did.

The women writing Spanish poetry in and around 1927 that I never studied in school

I was researching something else for the blog and came across this documentary on the female poets from the Generación del ’27 which I don’t remember ever learning about in the classroom. Since leaving school I’ve heard a little more about Las Sinsombrero, mostly when I stumbled upon an anthology in my local bookstore (Peces en la tierra), but it was interesting to learn a bit more through this documentary.

WePresent Essays

I hadn’t visited WeTransfer’s content site in a while and decided to stop by to see what I might enjoy. An essay by Roxane Gay on Writing in pockets of stolen time was a good read, as well as Seth Fried’s funny account on the use of email clichés. If you use email for work, I definitely recommend that one.

Fried’s article then led me to his site to learn more about him and I discovered an app that helps explore story ideas. If, like me last week, you are unsure what to write, check out StoryBot for some fun prompts.

The Bold Type

This TV series about three friends working at a women’s magazine has given me something entertaining to watch when I didn’t want to do too much thinking. Watching these three young women navigate friendships, work life and relationships has been fun, with plenty of interesting writing topics woven into the storyline.

Be warned, there are spoilers in the following video.

That’s all for now. What have been some of your favourite finds over the last month?

Let me know what you think!

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