When God closes a door

Today’s post was inspired by Camille S. G.’s Instagram Monday Meme Prompts. NÂș86 on this occasion. I’ll link to it below.

Foto de Edgar Moran en Unsplash
When God closes a door
I turn around and agree with the decision
I was taught not to go against devine wisdom
except I'm no longer sure
God sets the limitations
if I push against the door 
I may find no one locked it
What would happen if I pummelled it with my fists
took my anger out on its wooden frame
shouted my displeasure at a system that shuts me out
cuts me off
seeks to silence me
makes me invisible
wants me meek and mild and marginalised
Did I accept the story without confirming the truth of it?
Did I close the door myself?
Did I shy away from a door I was told was out of reach? unobtainable?
What happens when I reach for the handle?
Should I push or pull or knock
Should I barge in, uninvited
Should I force my way inside
Should I knock it down entirely
open to all, a way for anyone
seeking justice
Maybe the door was an invitation to get curious
ask questions
explore the unknown
grasp the bigger picture
that which lies beyond the threshold

When God closes a door
make sure it was God who closed it
don't blame God for something others enforced

I was talking to several friends about faith a couple of days ago. I said “I’m tired of being told everything is black and white when real life is full of grey.” To that one friend replied “And colours!” It was such a revelation.

How could I have missed the colour? Of course there is colour! So many of them, such variety, such richness, such diversity. Life is full of colour and we so often limit it to this small, dull, boring, binary. Life is more nuanced than that, faith is more nuanced than that! She was so right. From now on I’ll be sure to add plenty of colour to the equation.


Let me know what you think!

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