Summer travels

orange float and view of sea from deckHave you ever found yourself lost for words?

I’m really struggling to find a way to describe my latest travels. I can’t seem to string together more than a sentence-if that. So here we are, mid September, and so far all I’ve managed are a few photos. I guess they do say a picture is worth a thousand words…

It was a trip similar to one I have taken many times before. A trip from the town in Spain I call home, overland through France to the Channel, and on to England. A road trip my family has undertaken periodically for as long as I can remember.

It’s a long car journey, but one I mostly remember enjoying. From ‘I spy’ to ‘My mother went shopping’, games and giggles carried us to our destination. The landscape changed as we headed North, getting greener, with taller trees and sunflowers still in bloom.

As we drove on, looking to escape the heat, the temperature drops, quite nicely at first, then gets decidedly chilly for us ‘Southerners’ around about the time we reach the border with our French speaking neighbours. With several overnights on the way, we’d eventually reach English soil and lovingly be coverd in hugs and kisses from those who sorely missed us.

Summer travels have mostly been family travels. Moments I treasured greatly and continue to do so to this day.

Which is why this trip, though wonderful and just as exciting as ever, felt different.

Because it was different. Special in its own way.

Family was spread accross three countries and two continents this summer. These things tend to happen as you get older and grow up, and yet, somehow, it came as a surprise.

Perhaps, even a bit of a shock.

Because even if we all went off traveling in the summer, until now we’d always all met up in England at some point. Gathering at grandma and grandpa’s house for our not quite annual pilgrimage to our passport country. So when that didn’t happen this year, it felt like something was missing from the trip.

I guess this is the part I am struggling most to get onto the page. Untangling these thoughts from the memories, moments from this journey and journeys past, processing a part of growing up I wasn’t sure I was ready to face while at the same time looking forward to a new and exciting future. Each stage of life is beautiful in its own unique way. I am beginning to learn to value that.

I got to explore some great new places this summer and re-visit old favourites. I got to do it in the company of some of my favourite people. And I am so privileged to have had that opportunity.

So over the next few days I will be sharing a small glimpse of my brief trip. A little insight into the distinct culture each country offers, a few shots of what I saw along the way and a few thoughts inspired by the journey.

Perhaps I don’t have to find the right words, after all. Perhaps these words are enough.

Thanks for reading along!

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