Chameleon Kid


Leave the city behind.

On the dark, lonely road

headlights whizz, goodby kiss

lingers still on my mind.

Memories, moments and

happy times remain there,

a part of me I’ll miss.

Somehow it seems unfair.

I stare ahead but still

ache for what is now gone.

Excitement starts to swell

for what is yet to come.

Worlds colliding again.

Identity lost track

some time ago and yet

I search for a way back

to myself. Journeying

towards another me,

I wave goodbye and try

to make sense of feelings

but can’t begin to see

how I will ever feel

at home. Elusive word,

ever changing concept,

adapting as I do

to somewhere new again.

Lost or simply going

in zigzags. Figure out

where I belong. Where is home?

Too many goodbyes said.

The road feels sort of safe.

Anonymous. Unknown.

Here we’re all out-of-place.

Fitting in, finding ‘home’,

then the pendulum sways

and I’m back, torn between

two worlds. A piece of

each always on my heart.

Incomplete everywhere.

Who am I when I’m alone?

What holds true here and there?

Chameleon kid of kinds.

Sometimes we look different

but our hearts and minds

are more like you each day.

We adapt seamlessly

but the chameleon

is chameleon still

whatever its colour.

Luxury or squalor,

changing environments

don’t scare us. We adapt

to our setting, choosing

how to present ourselves,

joining the surroundings.

Life can feel mean but its

not the curse it might seem.

It’s an art, a true gift

when you learn to love it.

Whatever else happens, always chameleon.

Let me know what you think!

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