Calm seas, choppy waters

I couldn’t remember a time I’d been on deck and not worn an extra layer. Today, however,  it was a joy to stand outside, waving goodbye to France and the fishermen on the dock. The sun shone brightly, the sky was pure blue and a warm breeze caressed the loose strands of hair that kept … More Calm seas, choppy waters

We could go anywhere

We could go anywhere. Step into the unknown. Wander along the path of discovery. Take a calculated risk, leap into the arms of adventure and breathe in the scent of something new. We could go anywhere. The world is wide open, possibilities unending, leading far off or just around the corner. We could go anywhere. … More We could go anywhere

Guadiana drive

Two countries, just a river apart. The Guadiana River marks the border between Spain and Portugal along this stretch. I stand on the bank, my feet in the Spanish region of Extremadura, across the water lies the Portuguese Alentejo.